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Even after she breaks his fingers

Xtreme Kool Letterz: “Godz” from Braver Than We Are; this quirk seems to have been invented for the album the original Neverland version (from all the way back in the mid ’70s) is spelled normally as seen here. For example, Number One becomes “my shit is piss and it rolls around”. Valerie also developed […]

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(Also see the Dawson Casting entry on the Trivia page

Tactical Rock Paper Scissors: Warriors have damage bonus to Scouts, same for Scouts to Sorcerers and Sorcerers to Warriors. Shoot the Medic First: Averted. The developers KNOW this would happen so they simply omit the healer class, forcing everyone to rely on foods and pots. Stripperiffic: A good portion of Female armor is Gravitate toward […]

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Looks Like Orlok: Orlok II appears twice

Cobweb Trampoline: Bogus bounces on one of these in the opening intro of the show. Couch Gag: This show, of all others, actually does not avoid this! During the opening credits, after it gets through the part with Bogus eating the ice cream, it will then segue into a different claymation vignette before being followed […]

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We’re not talking about separate countries here

In our last article over In flight entertainment system we talked over In flight entertainment system hacks and how easy it is to crash these systems. In this article we will cover some other methods to crash an In flight entertainment system. We will also understand with the help of ethical hacking course investigator Jorge […]

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Cast of Snowflakes: Thanks to Disney’s new Hyperion rendering

Lampshade Hanging: In “My Own Private Hero”, Ape noticed that George seemed (more) articulate when he was a baby. Cast of Snowflakes: Thanks to Disney’s new Hyperion rendering engine, not only does every named character have a unique face, but so does every unnamed character. If she sank, they would Replica Hermes Birkin pull […]

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