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Pines of Rome, composed by Ottorino Respighi

While never seen in the anime, its effect is that if it’s attacked by a monster with Attack that is lower than Des Kangaroo’s defense, the attacking card is destroyed. Also, while the v pets were more rigid, the games have Digimon evolve all over the place with several different Digimon being able to […]

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At a July 2004 robbery in Orange

modern woman’s most desired fashion accessory women’s jewelry In the wild, tigers mostly feed on deer cheap jewelry,, wild boar, and wild cattle, including gaur and water buffaloes, young rhinos and young elephants, and sometimes, leopards and bears. Tigers also have been known to kill crocodiles on occasion [1], although predation is rare and […]

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Translation Convention: It is strongly implied (and sometimes

Just look! Cuteness Proximity: Red has this in his catching montage when he catches his Pikachu. American Kirby Is Hardcore: The North American boxart still uses Japanese art, but still qualifies. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Ali Baba and Solange. Sir Swears a Lot: Rita. Justified, because Heroes Want Redheads. Translation Convention: It is strongly […]

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Is a Crapshoot: MESIA, after gaining self awareness, decides

Air Vent Passageway: Chell uses some vents to get back inside the Enrichment Center. Anachronism Stew: In Harry Potter, the wizarding world was shown to be pretty old fashioned. In Alex Rider, international assassins The Gentleman and Yassen Gregorovitch are each hired quite separately by two villains (for a total of four); the latter […]

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