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It seemed the safest compromise

On the Glee Live Tour in 2011 she famously came out wearing a T shirt saying “Likes Girls” in the same style as Chris Colfer’s “Likes Boys” one for “Born This Way”. Note There’s also the argument that the US military prefers an all volunteer army, as the quality of troops tends to be much […]

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Cloning Blues: All the Pros are clones genetically engineered

These different versions have identical skill lists, but their spells are often dramatically different, sometimes even completely unique. Evil Sorcerer: The Nihilist Priesthood is a whole church of them. Hologram: In the scene where Logan is interrogated about Sanctuary, the main computer creates holograms of his head that express his thoughts. Tiller, and the […]

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Only One: Max, pretty much every time

They can hurt people a little in some situations such as if those people have someone’s ghost sealed inside them. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits : In all stories Rape as Backstory : For several characters. One day, when they break into the Integrated Electronics Factory to teach its CEO about the greatness of Jerry’s favorite […]

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Tsukuyo, by contrast, likes Gintoki, but she waits for him to

Early into the comic, the neighborhood cats (ideas man Ray, and clinically depressed Roast Beef) were introduced and eventually became the central characters of the stories.. When one means a threesome, it was almost always 2 girls and 1 guy. In Accepted, the team visits a former mental institution for the first time in […]

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