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Seconds later, a large and overly friendly bat appears and becomes her unwanted permanent traveling companion. Agatha belatedly reads the label on the device and learns it’s designed to summon bats, with someone having added a note stating it works “exceedingly well”. Heartbroken Badass: Gil, after he thinks Agatha died, starts largely falling apart. Replica […]

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Cities can also only be killed with fire

Lingerie Scene: Margot is in her nightgown when she’s attacked. In the original script, she was to put a robe on, but Grace Kelly argued that a woman who thinks she’s alone would have no reason to do that. Miscarriage of Justice: Margot is found guilty and sentenced to death for the premeditated murder of […]

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Insufferable Genius: Winston

Improvised Weapon: In a flashback, “Hatchet” Harry kills a man with a sex toy, specifically a 15 inch black rubber penis. Informed Attribute: Tom is constantly called fat. It makes sense when you realise that Stephen Marcus (Nick the Greek) was originally considered for the role. Intentionally Awkward Title: Tom suggests opening a company named […]

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Freddie responds with a surprised “Really?”

The wizard Shazam grants Billy the power to become Captain Marvel in Replica Bags order to protect the world from the misuse of the Scorpion Idol. Big Bad: The Scorpion. Bound and Gagged: Since to become Captain Marvel, Billy has to say the magic word, he ends up being gagged a lot. Book Ends: […]

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This series was reasonably popular

Sequel Hook: Two at the end of the film. Tony starts remodeling Stark Tower into “Avengers Tower”, the team’s future headquarters in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The mid credits stinger reveals the Galactic Conqueror behind Loki, Thanos, is now interested in Earth in and of itself, not just the Tesseract. This series was reasonably popular, […]

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