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Jerkass: Kenneth Connell in Star Brand

Further, there were washrooms on the ground floor of both towers. Ask a Stupid Question.: In Chinatown, Lisa sees dead rabbits hanging in a butcher’s window and nervously asks Marge if they’re dead. Bad Vibrations: The approaching Duffmobile makes the peanuts at Moe’s bar shake.. Worlds that develop long enough tend towards Sufficiently Analyzed Magic […]

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Over two thirds of those surveyed said the NIST CSF represents

Adoption of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is improving organizations’ security confidence, but is presenting implementation challenges, according to research released by Tenable on Tuesday. Over two thirds of those surveyed said the NIST CSF represents industry best practices, and while half of those who have adopted or expect to adopt the framework say it […]

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Berserk Button: For Joe Dark

Both then promptly ask executive producer Al Burton for amenities in their dressing rooms. Berserk Button: For Joe Dark, ANYONE defending Alex Whiter is this for him. It’s the only thing that actually hurts Madara, even coming close to killing him, something that all 5 Kages and all 9 tailed beasts couldn’t do.. However, this […]

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A network of umbrella rental kiosks

The powers of the titular vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade are almost completely focused on the material world, so anything from the spirit world or the afterlife is essentially an Outside Context Villain for them. That said, a rare few bloodlines and Disciplines are capable of allowing communication and combat with ghosts and spirits. The […]

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