Big Bad: Jason Sin, aka Sin Jai Seong, a Korean businessman

In fact, it’s unfortunate that George Stephanopoulos asked the question, obvious as it was, because Steele will be as tainted with the answer as much as Obama would have been had the question been posed to him, but neither Obama or Steele could have answered it any differently. Denial or defensiveness, take your pick; Steele would be hurt regardless of how he responded. All he can do now is shrug it off and try to do his job better than he has so far.. The musical is also unique in that the Broadway stage could tilt to simulate the sinking of the ship, and that most of the characters are actually people who were on the Titanic with only a few names changed here and there and a few people who died lived and vice versa. Artistic Licence History: For being a show that got most things right about the Titanic, it does get a few things wrong: One of the lyrics in “Mr Andrew’s Vision” says “the water poured in a 300 foot gash”. It didn’t, it poured in a number of holes along a 300 foot length and this was 1997, they know by them.

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