Randomly Generated Levels: You choose the basic landscapes

Choice of Two Weapons: Each character can equip two different weapon types. Finn: Dagger and shield combo, or two handed sword. Alina: Staff, bow and arrows. Gifford: Club, or spear/lance and shield. Cat: Dagger and shield combo, or throwing weapons. Functional Magic: “Device magic” type. Magic spells are formed through combinations of crystal shards. Some characters, such as Alina, can use a wider repertoire of spells than others. Healing Factor: Finn can recover his HP by walking if he is in the lead, and is the only character on the team who can do so. Last Name Basis: Garron Gifford, the lumberjack, tells Finn and Alina to call him by his last name when he first joins, since they aren’t technically friends. Only in It for the Money: Finn treats his ATG membership as a means to get rich, and nothing more. He does, however, draw the line at taking money from those in need. Overly Long Name: Slygy the imp, whom Finn first meets in Chapter 3, has a long and hard to pronounce name, so he makes multiple suggestions on how to shorten it. Randomly Generated Levels: You choose the basic landscapes, but the game generates a different layout each time. Schmuck Bait: The “suspicious monoliths” that ask you if you “want to make a little money” will actually give it to you, at the expense of HP damage. One will give you a Revive Pill, and then deal enough damage to kill the party leader, giving you an excuse to use it. Who Dares?: The demon lord Arbitus doesn’t like when his treasure gets stolen for an ATG quest in Chapter 6.

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