trajanje radnoga vremena nije utvrdeno kolektivnim ugovorom

E. E. Cummings (Edward Estlin Cummings, in full) was an American poet (as well as a playwright, painter, novelist, and lecturer) best known for his use of unusual punctuation, capitalization and grammar in his poems (to the extent that many people could tell you what a Cummings poem looks like, but far fewer could talk confidently about what any of his poems is about). He was of the Modernist movement, but his distinct style and voice sets him out even among them.

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Replica Stella McCartney bags Takvi poslovi te trajanje radnog vremena na takvim poslovima, se utvrduju kolektivnim ugovorom ili pravilnikom o radu. Ako takvi poslovi tj. trajanje radnoga vremena nije utvrdeno kolektivnim ugovorom ili pravilnikom o radu, ministar zaduzen za rad ce na prijedlog osobe koja prema Zakonu o radu moze biti stranka kolektivnog ugovora, i uz prethodnu suglasnost ministra koji je nadlezan za zdravstvo, donijeti pravilnik kojim se ureduju ta pitanja. Zaposlenik koji radi na takvim spomenutim poslovima, ne bi trebao na tim istim poslovima raditi prekovremeno niti se smije na takvim poslovima zaposliti kod nekog drugog poslodavca. Replica Stella McCartney bags

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