gennaio 2014 – Pagina 3 – Windrose

Colt complains the whole way through

Could be a hurricane, a flood, a cyclone, or a blizzard, but the result is basically the same: the plot of this week’s episode takes place against a backdrop of serious weather complications. The characters will probably suffer loss of cell phone service, power outages, backed up traffic, competition for basic necessities at the supermarket, […]

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One day he has a chance encounter with a GAD

Adaptational Attractiveness: Dororo is a sexy teenage girl in the movies, the crossover with Dororon Enma kun, and the finale of Blood Will Tell instead of a ratty little orphan kid. Adaptational Badass: Dororo in the original manga and anime? Cocky little thief who can take a hit from a human adult, and give one […]

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Butler is something of a “2000s action hero”

Lord Voxelrot: You’re right, and that “anything” was gaming. Curbstomp Battle: As this cutscene shows, Labrys is really good at what she does. Max coughs up blood when he’s injured during his escape from prison fifty years ago. Fillerbunny in particular is full of jabs aimed at himself. This game has enough for its own […]

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The soles come in crisp clean white

cheap Canada Goose Created by the same people that also launched the Cheap Monday denim brand, Weekday is a more fashionable alternative that especially in recent months has gained a lot of ground and attention. New flagship stores pop-up all over Europe and now they have gotten together with designer Peter Jensen on a small […]

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If you’re not satisfied with the answer

How incredibly evolved of them. But before we start celebrating this as some kind of breakthrough, rememberthat US magazine didn’t call Garner cool or normal; it called her “sexy. And therein lies the problem. Campistas y entusiastas al aire libre amor agua sistemas de filtro porque son capaces de ir prcticamente en cualquier lugar y […]

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