But my point is, why buy in the first place?

The Ditz: Dinky Little, much to Grandpa’s annoyance Drugs Are Bad: Played straight in a surprisingly realistic manner in Prescription for Disaster. The ’80s: Some 1980s cultures appear in this show (as it was produced during this time), such as the rock band in A Little Rock and Roll. Everybody Laughs Ending Evil Uncle: Uncle Augustus in The Movie. Technician vs. Performer: Eddie and Vincent are this trope in regards to both pool and hustling Eddie is methodical and businesslike, while Vincent is flamboyant and seeks attention. The ’80s: Not as obvious as it could be, as a lot of the film takes place at pool halls which are pretty timeless, but Tom Cruise’s hairdo is a dead giveaway. Sure enough, it’s the site of the keystone that holds the Labyrinth together (and it’s also the game’s iOS icon). Solve the Soup Cans: Downplayed. There are a number of inexplicable mazes scattered throughout the game that you are required to complete multiple times.

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