Residents tried to scramble down fire escapes and out into the

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wholesale replica designer handbags Good stuff. Rework hot air iron gets hot very fast, as does the soldering iron. Precision device makes the user feel like a pro in full control of his tools. Those that tried, a few of them perished.””Children starting fires is not rare,” Nigro said.He emphasized that young children should not be left unattended, and those fleeing apartment fires should always shut doors behind them once the last person is out.Broken windows can be seen on the back of the Bronx building where the deadly fire broke out. ET Thursday and spread through every floor of the five storey Bronx apartment building within a matter of minutes, city officials said, fanned by fresh oxygen each time frightened tenants flung open windows.Residents tried to scramble down fire escapes and out into the cold.”There was smoke in the living room, so we went to wake up my brother and then he put me in the fire escape and I came down,” said Crisbel Martinez, 10, whose family lives on the fifth floor of the building. “It was scary because I thought I was going to fall over.”Fire Department of New York personnel work on the scene of the fire in the Bronx. wholesale replica designer handbags

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