“Last year, I really didn’t know why I wasn’t playing, but I

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In an earlier era, economic revitalization of the Baltimore region might have depended on our port and the heavy industries that grew around it, but today it may well be the region’s environment and physical beauty, and the quality of life they can provide, that will spark economic growth. Once viewed as a barrier to economic development, environmental protection is crucial to the region’s economic vitality..

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But Ms. Grundy’s scared that if they come forward, it will expose their affair and get her in trouble, so she refuses to let Archie spoil their good time with his ethics. Carnock acknowledged that he could not supply all 4,300 homes with well water but said he had recently acquired an option to buy 400 acres adjacent to the 1,000 acre development tract and that he intended to use that site to draw water from a nearby creek. He contended that by drawing water from 15 Mile Creek, he could supply water to 10,000 homes..

Lung cancer is still the leading cancer killer, far eclipsing cancers of the breast, prostate and colon. But most of today’s victims were people who began smoking in past decades.. The basis for Mayor Schaefer’s greatest accomplishments was to constantly seek ways to reinvent Baltimore for the future, through hard work, sound compromise and fierce determination. That remains our charge today..

Gmart signed a long term lease on the 27,000 square foot space last week, said Michael Jacoby, CEO of Bethesda based Broad Street Realty, which leased the space. The center also has a Rite Aid and a Dollar Tree, and a Subway will open soon. Another Bay Shore survivor is the old power house, an immense poured concrete building that seems strangely out of place in the middle of a wildlife preserve. Its furnaces once generated electric current for the streetcars that needed a boost at this far eastern extremity of the old United Railways and Electric Company’s system.