The Mole: Werner when he’s your XO

In fact, vampires, werewolves, cyborgs, transhumans and the like may well try to sell a potential victim convert with the fringe benefits while soft pedaling the flaws. The Mole: Werner when he’s your XO. They also appeared on radio shows Tough Love and Get This as themselves, but those shows were hosted by two former guest stars of the show (and friends of the pair) Mick Molloy (Gary Poole) and Tony Martin (Mark, the violinist) respectively.

Paranoia Fuel: Onyx. Colony Drop: The Hunter meteor. Rule of Funny: The comic runs on this. Cracks a joke at the funeral of two of their Hermes Replica Handbags victims that they made look like a double suicide and the little sister of one of the boys killed turns to look at them while crying.

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