Layman’s Terms: Subverted by Rob in Boralogue VI:”My amplifier

Oh, Crap!: Data and Geordi’s steadily mounting panic as they realize Moriarty has seen through the Holodeck’s illusions are nothing compared to their reaction when he gives them a drawing of the Enterprise. Plot Hole: If Moriarty, as a holographic construct, can’t leave the holodeck, how does Data take Moriarty’s drawing of the Enterprise out to show to Picard? The original shooting script addressed this, but the final scene was cut. Refrain from Assuming: This episode’s title is almost universally misstated as “Elementary, My Dear Data”. The final few chapters have every single playable character doing this. To protect Hina; Yuri stops Itoyama despite being grievously injured and dies in Mikoto’s arms; Hina goes back in time 18 years to save the five of them from the Lost Hole incident despite knowing she’ll be hit by rubble in the process and slowly wither away in a coma. Finally, Mikoto undoes the Lost Hole and in turn her own existence to fix the timeline.

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replica goyard handbags All There in the Script: The libretto reveals that the three kids who accidentally knock down Charlie on their way out of the sweetshop and later express their jealously over not finding Golden Tickets are named Miranda Grope, Marvin Prune, and Herpes Trout. Grope and Prune were children cut from the novel in early drafts (the former would have joined Augustus in the chocolate river, the latter was conceited), and Herpes Trout was Mike Teavee’s original name. Alternate Continuity: As with most adaptations, it ends on a note of complete closure rather than setting up the events of the sequel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Have a Gay Old Time: Here is how Mr. Humanoid Abomination: Hyde is a fairly normal looking man, yet everyone who meets him feels that there is something physically wrong with him, as if he is ugly or deformed in some way that they just can’t identify. The reveal that he is Jekyll’s inner darkness incarnate implies that what they were picking up on was that Hyde is Made of Evil and that this was emanating from him in some way replica goyard handbags.