2 dicembre 2013 – Windrose

They even had a MMA fight in PRIDE

A spell, item or other thing that reduces or eliminates Random Encounters, or even Preexisting Encounters, in a Roleplaying Game or other game with encounters. This is often used for when a player has done enough Level Grinding and wants to get to the Boss Battle, or if the party is in danger (like low […]

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Layman’s Terms: Subverted by Rob in Boralogue VI:”My amplifier

Oh, Crap!: Data and Geordi’s steadily mounting panic as they realize Moriarty has seen through the Holodeck’s illusions are nothing compared to their reaction when he gives them a drawing of the Enterprise. Plot Hole: If Moriarty, as a holographic construct, can’t leave the holodeck http://www.pyramidhcm.com/2013/03/15/i-also-admitted-that-i-had-stopped-showering-and-doing-my-own/, how does Data take Moriarty’s drawing of the Enterprise […]

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