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Under the Affordable Care Act

The mayor announces he is ready to name the winner of the Awardie Award. Sticks and Eggman wait in anticipation of the reveal until the mayor announces it will go to Leroy the Turtle. Despite Eggman’s cheating he somehow lost and it drives him to try and take the award by force. He activates his […]

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999 imprinted somewhere on the coin

There is absolutely no way to avoid your toddler having potty training accidents. While some children learn faster than others, having to clean up a mess off of your floor or off of your child is inevitable. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh, I know that!”, right? Well, if you get into a situation with your […]

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)Every single episode of The Adventures of Superman

Subverted in The Dresden Files. Harry Dresden, one of the most powerful wizards on the planet, with the forces of nature at his beck and call, says that one of the things he fears most, and has the best chance of taking him out, is a plain old vanilla human armed with a sniper […]

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