Fate Worse Than Death: Anything the Spiral does to anyone

Also featuring: Always Chaotic Evil: Cepn, apparently with Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Fate Worse Than Death: Anything the Spiral does to anyone, including necromantic cyberware and torture chamber prisons. Ghibli Hills: Cekus. mostly. Goth Spirals: A whole civilization that loves these. Living Forever Is Awesome: The Decider is an immortal empress, apparently a mighty sorceress http://www.pokersucellulare.com/he-is-considered-by-many-to-be-a-far-better-singer/, and the richest person on the planet. Mecha Mooks: Creator robots, though some have developed their own personalities. Mordor: The area around the three Spiral towers, especially Nirn’s perpetual burning ash storm terrain. Orphanage of Fear: The setup for the default campaign. Our Dragons Are Different: There’s one that’s more of a necromantically raised dragon skin pumped full of cursed soul dissolving oil, and something more horrific: another dragon posing as a human politician. Our Elves Are Different: They have tails. Sapient Cetaceans: Semi intelligent magic dolphins.

Narcissist: Light Nerds Are Virgins: L. Averted with Light. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: L hits Light on the head again which causes him to regain his memories. No Sense of Personal Space: L No Social Skills: L Not Good with Rejection: Both Light and L. Results may vary Light goes on a mass murder spree and L bashes Light’s head against a bathroom sink. Operation: Jealousy: Light continues to date lots of girls to make L jealous. Papa Wolf: Light warns L that, hypothetically speaking, anyone who hurts his family dies. Also Souichiro Yagami when he learns that L hurt his son. Passive Aggressive Combat: employed by L and Light. Percussive Maintenance: when L hits Light on the head he remembers everything. The Perfect Crime: while Light is hospitalized the deaths he’s pre written in the Death Note are still taking effect. Pet the Dog: Light had his accident when he saved an old woman from getting hit by a car. Later Light comforts a little girl while visiting the hospital waiting room. Playing the Victim Card: Light after L beats him up. Pretty Freeloaders: Light orders a bunch of food and then leaves L with the bill. Raging Stiffie: Light has this problem the morning after having a beautiful dream of defeating and killing L. Samaritan Relationship Starter: L sees Light do a couple of Pet the Dog moments and suddenly thinks he’s in love with him. Light finds the whole thing hilarious. Sex Equals Love: L seems to be so socially naive that he doesn’t understand the difference. Shower of Angst: Light feels disgusted after hanging out with idiots and L and “pretending” to flirt with L. Slash Fic: it’s Light/L The Sociopath: Light Spell My Name with an “S”: Light is referred to as “Raito” in this fic. Stalker With a Crush: L Stepford Smiler:Light: Class ended and before I could even move from my position, females (if they could be called that) flocked my surrounding table. It was utterly disgusting. I casually said a pleasant goodbye to Ryuzaki before being escorted off to the library to help out a fellow classmate. I would rather slit my wrists and write my own name in the Death Note, but sacrifices had to be made to maintain my identity as the perfect individual.

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