and coins are, fortunately, legal tender up to any amount at

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Replica Designer Handbags They are approved by the UK Parliament,” CSCB adds.”These notes make up the majority of banknotes in Scotland and Northern Ireland and legislation is in place to ensure that noteholders have a similar level of protection as they would for Bank of England notes,” The Bank explains.What about coins? The good news is that coins from the Royal Mint retain their legal tender status north of the border.The bad news is that you might not be aware how limited the legal tender status of coins is.According to the Royal Mint, coins worth less than are only legal tender up to a certain limit.and coins are, fortunately, legal tender up to any amount at all.So while you might not be allowed to pay a parking fine in pennies, you could buy a house with a bathtub of pound coins if you liked although it would weigh almost two tonnes.The problem with ‘legal tender’If you’re worried about shops and more refusing your new (or old) money, you can probably relax.That’s because while the phrase “legal tender” is used a lot, it actually means very little.For example, your bank card is certainly not legal tender, but lets you pay for things and the same goes for cheques, contactless devices and more.”Legal tender has a very narrow and technical meaning, which relates to settling debts. Replica Designer Handbags

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