Let him screw up and watch your life go down the shitter

This game provides examples of: Back Alley Doctor: Dr. Party, who takes care of an operation meant to separate you and your sister in one of the paths. Whether he succeeds or fials depends on your actions. Let him screw up and watch your life go down the shitter (Though at least you have one last chance to make it a Bittersweet Ending after that). For Want of a Nail: So, so much. Golden Ending: You meet Chuck Norris and become a god. I Have Your Wife: One possible route has someone call to tell you that he’s kidnapped your sister, and her life hangs on whether you nail or fail a basketball shot. Whether it’s a genuine threat or a Jerkass who pulled a mean prank call depends on the outcome of the following game. Last Second Word Swap: “With fifty inch rims and a tank full of gas, you cut people off and you drive like an. a jerk.” Multiple Endings: A lot of them, depending on the decisions you take, and whether you win or screw up. The endings run the whole gamut, from perfectly happy to crushingly depressing and any range in between, bittersweet, or just plain fuckin’ weird. Rhymes on a Dime: Egoraptor Take a Third Option: Happens a lot in the button mashing games, when you give a token effort. The strangest example is if both sperm inhabit the egg, creating as the game calls it “CatDog but with humans.” This example is particularly worth noting as it’s unintuitive, yet being born as a conjoined twin actually leads to well over a third of the game’s potential endings and storylines. A player who doesn’t realize that the Third Option even exists might spend hours on hours trying to figure out where they could’ve possibly gone wrong with the other ones! Sheathe Your Sword: Some of the outcomes or different branchees can only be reached by not pressing anything during some of the button mashing games.

In Dragon Age: Origins, there are four romance options among the recruitable NPCs: Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran, and Leliana, one each heterosexual male, heterosexual female, bisexual male, and bisexual female. So that’s three out of four options (two of the opposite gender and one of the same) no matter what gender your character is. And as if this wasn’t enough http://jongnederlandreeshof.nl/the-unfavorite-ben-to-willard/, there are several minor NPCs in the game with whom you can unlock one night stands (but only one if you’re female is made up for the fact that every single Origin has a romantic interest; also, Bann Teagan). And as if that wasn’t enough, one of the visitable locations in the capital city is a whorehouse, and yes, you can sample the wares this time. As if to influence you to knock up everyone, you can get an achievement for being a part of every possible romance account wise.

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