Jerk Justifications: Emma was originally presented as a

And The Mole. Market Based Title: The first three games are merely called Dragon Ball Z, 2 and 3 in Japan. The story is set in some high tech and/or futuristic society. She pulls outta her sleeve.In The Incredibles, the main dining room in Syndrone’s island base features flowing lava walls as decor.The final showdown of Revenge of the Sith has Anakin and Obi Wan duking it out on the lava planet of Mustafar.Dragonball Evolution has one inside a volcano where the MacGuffin is located.Wrath of the Titans has little to do with Greek myths overall, and its Kronos has nothing in common with the original version from the mythology, but boy, does he look great in lava!At the beginning of Inside Out, young Riley plays the “floor is lava” game.

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