18 ottobre 2013 – Windrose

He settles for being “Hekikuu’s 8” in the imaginary pecking

Their home and office is filled with mementos, artifacts, and photographs from all over the world. There’s a lab workbench being used for some kind of artifact restoration project. There’s also a cartography table featuring a map of the Yucat suggesting their current project. Cassie offhandedly mentions going on archaeological digs with her parents and […]

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In Derek’s playthrough, he’s killed Shadow and Sally, though

Batman Grabs a Gun: The Doctor seems quite comfortable around guns in this story. Been There http://tamannaworldbd.com/2017/12/17/srinivasan-is-excited-about-the-next-phase-of-growth-for-his/, Shaped History: The Doctor inadvertently caused The Great Fire of London. Bigger on the Inside: Subverted Not the TARDIS the Terileptil ship, which proves bigger than it looks from the outside. Because the crash impact caused it to […]

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