Conspicuous CGI: Even when the film was released that CGI

Many a character in Dungeons Dragons 3.0 or later or Pathfinder is automatically proficient with a stunning array of ranged weapons and may carry two or three of them at will. A typical fighter may be roughly as competent with a thrown dagger, thrown hammer, javelin, longbow, crossbow, shortbow, sling, darts, a blowgun, and a chakram at first level. The list of melee weapons such a character knows how to use is far longer. When you realize human first level characters created by the rules are often about 16 years old, one can only wonder when they found time to learn it all. This is generally considered an Acceptable Break from Reality. Earlier D characters also could fit this trope, but the player had very limited slots for characters to learn to use weapons and it would be based on player choice.

Tropes used in the films include Atlantis: Lemuria plays a part with their small colony of Nilai Kinai. Benevolent Architecture: A more direct example than usual. The temple of Nilai Kinai comes equipped with powerful energy weapons that target Dagahra whenever he comes near. After he’s gravely wounded by Dagahra’s Barem, Leo is able to use the temple’s top as a temporary refuge while the energy weapons keep Dagahra away. Blow You Away: Dagahra has water spout powers. To make matters worse, he releases his Barem into the water spout, allowing them to latch on and attack anything caught inside, like poor Leo. Conspicuous CGI: Even when the film was released that CGI caterpillar did not look good. Fat and Skinny: Nagase and Kotani; Yoji and Kohei are much more benign. Flying Seafood Special: Dagahra spends a decent amount of time chasing Mothra Leo through the air. Gone Horribly Wrong: Dagahra was created to deal with Nilai Kinai’s pollution problem. He did, but created its Barem and went berserk, destroying his creators. Heel Face Turn: The two greedy men Belvera recruit, Kotani and Nagase, help the children in the end. Belvera herself saves the cast in the escape of the temple before leaving. Hologram: The Queen of Nilai Kinai is a sentient hologram with magic powers. Humans Are Bastards: Belevera’s motive for wanting to see humans killed. Living MacGuffin: Turns out Ghogo was the powerful treasure all along. Magitek: Nilai Kinai has elevators, holograms, and a defense system with force fields and energy weapons. Marshmallow Hell: Played for “laughs”, The teacher at the film’s beginning gets a Caterpillar stuck in her breasts. Mid Season Upgrade: OF COURSE! New Powers as the Plot Demands Mook Maker: Dagahra and those evil starfish Barem. No OSHA Compliance: You’d think an civilization like Nilai Kinai, which have elevators and holograms, would have handrails and bridges that aren’t invisible. Outrun the Fireball: Our heroes try to do this, but they end up trapped. Fortunately, an unlikely person saves them. Ridiculously Cute Critter: Ghogo. Sea Monster: Dagahra Superpower Lottery: Dagahra has it, giving Leo a hard time. Fortunately, the Mothra can match him. Well Intentioned Extremist: Belvera though only near the end.

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