His partner Tsubaki is an incredibly patient and capable

Large Ham: See Cloudcuckoolander. Laser Guided Karma: The intro to the “Throwable Brick Mod” video has Sky break a house’s window with a brick, shout “FUCK YO HOUSE! YO HOUSE SUCKS! I BET YOU LIKE THE BUTT!”. and get blown up by the TNT under the house. This happens to Sky quite often to the point he has a specific catchphrase for when it does. Lampshaded Double Entendre: This is done many http://johngarritystudio.com/index.php/2013/08/12/this-is-clearly-a-case-of-trying-to-remove-from-politics-a/, many times in the videos; a shining example of this trope would be. Mind Screw: Somehow, in the first round of The New Cops and Robbers 9, Sky wound up being the warden. even though he was stuck. Best shown here and here.. During a normal playthrough of one Survival Games, Quentin and Jerome suddenly enter a zombie/brainwashed like state at the mention of Tortino’s Bold Buffalo style Chicken Rolls. They abandon the game and attack Sky’s house. Sky manages to escape and runs to Jason’s house, where he explains the situation to him. In an attempt to create a diversion, Sky gives the Tortino’s Bold Buffalo style Chicken Rolls to Jason and opens the door to challenge Jerome and Quentin. He is promptly attacked by them, and he tells Jason to flee with the snack before he is seemingly killed. Jason does so, and he eats all of the chicken rolls except for one, which he then uses to taunt Quentin and Jerome with. They viciously attack him and apparently, none of them survived that day. Every Finish the Story video will somehow devolve into this. Behold the epic mind screwing that is Ross. Sky’s reaction says it all. Mood Whiplash: The “Derpy Squids” review, in which Sky is captured by the squids again, is a rather seriously taken showcase by a squid of their army. The music in the intro, when Sky discovers the portal to their realm, doesn’t help at all. Most Definitely Not a Villain: Admit it. In the “Zombietech” video, it was painfully obvious that Squid was pretending to be Sky. No Indoor Voice: “YOU’RE AN ABOMBINATION TO ALL THAT IS HOLY IN MINECRAFT!!!!” And many other intros. This has been “Painting with Bob Ross”.

The main characters include: Maka Albarn and her scythe, Soul Eater (just call him Soul). She’s a raging workaholic, he’s a slacker, but they make a great team. They almost made Soul into a Death Scythe at the beginning of the series, but failed on a technicality and have to start over. Black and his Morph Weapon Tsubaki: Black is a would be master assassin who has trouble reconciling the concepts of “stealth” and “shouting about how awesome you are”. His partner Tsubaki is an incredibly patient and capable Weapon who can transform into multiple ninja weapons, from a chain scythe to a smokebomb. Death the Kid and his twin pistols the Thompson Sisters: Son of Death himself, whose incredible natural power is offset by his extreme Super OCD, being absolutely obsessed with symmetry. The Thompson Sisters serve as his weapons: Liz is the older and more cynical sister, while Patty is younger and more goofy.

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