Analyst Andrew Mwenda of Uganda’s Independent outlines the

So much to the fact he seems to be a stark contrast from Kyle, like what Kyle could have become had it not be for a more stable mind. Catch Phrase: “Bottoms Up” becomes one for Kyle as he settles more into his obsession with alcohol course he doesn’t know he’s not exactly in the right state of mind whenever the words come to mind. “Am I going to have to baby sit you?” Mark’s dull attitude towards Kyle in regards for always bailing him out of trouble. Making Kimmie Keegan into an Executive Editor after 3 weeks on the job, for doing one photoshoot that was reasonably successful. It’s official, the people running Meade Publications are functionally insane! Important Haircut: In season 4, Betty is getting ready to remove her braces, styles her hair slightly nicer, and stops wearing clothes in a rainbow of clashing colors. Throughout the season her outfits start to get more coordinated and her hair becomes more and more stylish, to the point that Wilhelmina develops a stress ulcer after complimenting her outfit.

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