When Joy asks her to think of something happy

Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering? : parodied in this strip Breaking the Fourth Wall Canada, Eh? Conspicuous Trenchcoat: Walter Cosmic Horror Story: Has fun with the idea. Precious Puppies: Basquerville. Face Doodling: Apparently Hastur did this to Cthulhu. Sadness from Inside Out definitely qualifies. Every memory she touches turns sad too (though it’s noted that this is a recent development). When Joy asks her to think of something happy, Sadness thinks of rain and the ending to Old Yeller. Turns out it’s an old White family recipe. Nature vs. Nurture: In the early parts of the sequel, some of the characters are still wondering about Lindy, and if a new magician being in town will trigger her to start acting cruelly again, and if she is somehow, inherently, evil.

replica goyard handbags Memory Gambit: Akabane subverted as he was only pretending to have amnesia to get close to Kai More Deadly Than the Male: Ayaka Kuroda The Mole: Shingo turns out to be a minor member of Ryuugen. Narita’s old partner was also a mole. Not Quite the Right Thing: In hindsight burning all the evidence of SWITCH was this. He’s so far out of his depth in the cynical world of boxing that he doesn’t even comprehend how bad it is, and by the end just wants to go home. Gangsta Style: Shaabazz, Hassan and two Mooks ambush Sultan and co at Sultan’s mansion brandishing guns horizontally. Queue lots and lots of pretty red lights focusing on Hassan. It is lead by Colonel Schaeffer. Lighter and Softer: Not the setting as a whole, but Vulkan’s Imperium is a much better place to live in than the original Imperium mind the rest of the hell the galaxy has become. A Lighter Shade of Grey / Only Sane Man: Compared to the rest of the galaxy, Vulkan and his restored Imperium as well as the other Loyalist Primarchs have the best claim to being the good guys. replica goyard handbags

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