12 luglio 2013 – Windrose

When Allen finds out that he may be a clone

The last type is Awesome, but Impractical, as the blades prevent their wielders from performing mundane tasks when not in combat. They are also especially prone to Fake Arm Disarms, as they can be destroyed without gravely injuring the characters. Crafty opponents can also maneuver the wielder into getting them stuck in a wall or […]

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Glamour: Siegfried sees Odile as Odette at the ball

Fantasy Contraception: Simply being in Fantasyland seems to act as this. Jones notes that no matter how much sex “tourists” have, pregnancy never occurs (perhaps tied into the lack of menstruation by women). Fantasy Counterpart Culture: A whole bunch of them, lampshading the ones most common in unoriginal fantasy novels. The Golden Oecumene’s sophotechs have […]

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