Others used Department of Labor data on safety violations at

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Granted Hart is the comedian of the hour. He singlehandedly has made comedy buddy movies a cottage industry, and he’s the common denominator. That said, it might behoove him to take a hiatus, work on his craft and bring his game up a notch. We’ve bonded through Facebook and have been dying to meet face to face and Christy turns out to be a southern born charmer with a curtain of brunette hair and a beaming oft repeated exclamation of “You’re so sweet!” while Donna is a vibrant Italian hugger and kisser in leopard pumps. It’s one of the best talks of the conference: Stephanie is joined by Norah Roberts To Be Laura Kaye, and Queen of the Highland Warriors Eliza Knight for a thought provoking talk on theme that produces its share of “Eureka!” moments in the audience. “Everything I write has the same theme!” Christy exclaims midway through.

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