The Kardashian should be ashamed of themselves

Pronunciation Book is an alternate reality game that, although starting in 2010, was not known to the public until July 9, 2013. The original videos simply involved a strange male voice teaching people how to pronounce words in the English language. However, the video “How to ask for help in English” simply consisted of the above mentioned quote. After this, the following videos all contained no information on pronunciation, instead containing cryptic messages leading to a 77 Day countdown ending on September 24, 2013. Afterwards, the creators revealed that it was part of a project (which also included the infamous Twitter account Horse_ebooks) leading up to the FMV adventure game Bear Stearns Bravo, a satire on the parties responsible for the 2007 08 financial crisis.

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Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Ambidextrous Sprite: Averted for the character select art. While most characters have their player 2 art just mirrored from the original drawings, characters with asymmetric designs have their player 2 art redrawn to keep them consistent, like Sagat’s eyepatch and facial scar. Art Evolution: The character select artwork for the new characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV are noticeably different from the first pieces of artwork made back in 2008. Ascended Glitch: The Kara Throws were imported from Street Fighter III. Attack Backfire: Zangief gets a victory quote against Blanka informing him that his electric blasts helped relieve his back pain. Bonus Boss: Completing certain requirements gives players a new opponent after beating Seth: in order of increasing difficulty, hidden bosses include (Shin) Akuma, Gouken, Evil Ryu, and Oni. Boss Banter: The “Rival Battles,” where you fight a character who, in most cases, has some significant ties to the story of your character. During the fight, both combatants converse, ranging from taunts to more friendly words of advice and support. The soundbites for Supers and Ultras are also changed to something pertaining to the battle at hand. Usually, these matches give you a pretty good look at the dynamics between certain characters. Characters added from Arcade Edition onward have the soundbites, but absolutely no pre battle cutscenes, much to the ire of fans. Bootstrapped Theme: For the first time in the series’ history, this trope is mostly averted. All of the brand new fighters in IV have themes made specifically for them, not the stage you fight them on. For the rest of the cast, however, this trope is played straight as they are stuck with their iconic themes, but with new arrangements for everyone. Cel Shading: Used along with highly detailed textures, creating a look that’s more “stylized” than it is “cartoony.” Comeback Mechanic: The Revenge Meter fills up the more damage one takes. Once it’s filled halfway, an Ultra Combo becomes possible and when filled all the way, the Ultra Combo does more damage. Like Super Combos in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Ultra Combos only lasts one round. The game also has a very subtle mechanic in that characters receive less damage depending on how much life they have left. With less than half their life remaining, they take slightly less damage from each attack. With less than a quarter of their life remaining, they take significantly less damage from each attack. Continuity Nod: Bison’s win quote towards Makoto is reminiscent of the original Street Fighter:”There are countless fighters like you around the world! You are not special!” Replica Stella McCartney Handbags.