Or at least, the more high profile and less scientifically

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Wholesale Replica Bags Though a handful of the accused were acquitted, the majority received lengthy prison terms if they were lucky, and dates with the hangman’s noose if they weren’tnote Some of these sentences were commuted by the Western Allies. Subsequent rounds of smaller trials would convict additional persons who had participated in other atrocities such as the systematic mistreatment of Soviet POWs, enslavement of conquered civilian populations in war industries and unwilling human medical experimentation. Or at least, the more high profile and less scientifically rigorous members, like ‘Doctor’ Joseph Mengele who himself wasn’t tried on account of him hiding in Argentina note His doctorate was in Eugenics. Fantastic Racism: The main character is a goblin and gets treated badly by humans. Many humans seem to hate goblins and consider them subhuman. Five Finger Discount: Blacknail spends his first day in Daggerpoint stealing Meat Pies. Wholesale Replica Bags

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