Anachronism Stew: Like Caprica

Anti Air: The Federation uses the Talon man portable missile system. Also of note is the SkyWatcher AA vehicle, a Type 61 tank chassis repurposed to mount a high speed turret with two 60mm cannon and several Talon missile tubes. Zeon does not have a dedicated AA vehicle, and it hurts them a lot.

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wholesale replica handbags Ace Pilot: Bill. Anachronism Stew: Like Caprica, it’s bound to contain shades of this, with fashions and hair styles so far reminiscent of the Vietnam War. Call Back: “Are you alive?” A Cylon humanoid prototype asks it of Dr. Kelly before killing her, like a Six asks it of the Colonial officer at Armistice Station before the Cylons blow the station up. wholesale replica handbags

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Replica Designer Handbags And miracles are always suspicious.” Played straight because he’s wrong. One Winged Angel Notable in that it was the hero’s fault. The villain had no idea it would happen. Oxygen Meter Used for exterior parts of the asteroid. Can be refilled from oxygen dispensers or walking into an airlock. Replica Designer Handbags

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Replica Goyard Bags Every now and again, though, while exploring the Fantasy Kitchen Sink, you’ll run into a character of indeterminable race or species. Sure, they seem human, what with their upright stance, human like intelligence, and ability to speak, and yet there’s just something about them that gives them away as something distinctly other. Maybe it’s that they live in a series where no human can do the things they do, maybe it’s that a certain part of their body (or even most of it) is kept conspicuously concealed, or maybe it’s that there just plain aren’t any “other” humans around, raising suspicions. This person is Ambiguously Human. Fairly often, a series will go out of its way to avoid stating their out and out species, or they’ll be called human or nonhuman in spite of their shared traits. If you can’t figure out whether they spawned from the same end of the gene pool as you just by looking at them, though, they fit the bill Replica Goyard Bags.