During later chapters when two characters get a first hand

Zigzagged with Rumi. During Mima’s implied rape scene for a movie she’s filming it is at that point where Rumi starts to lose it as she’s watching the recording, crying hysterically. You realize that Rumi may already have been unstable and delusional but this and the risque photo shoot were the things that pushed her permanently over the edge. Or even worse, if Rumi was already delusional, she thought she was seeing herself getting raped, because she saw herself as Mima. It’s also implied that she’s becoming an insomniac as a result. And she slaughters some men after the Eclipse who attempted to rape her. It’s implied that the demons who stripped her naked during the Eclipse went further than that, as we see one sticking tentacles in her mouth as it’s stripping and groping her with the others. One also tried to rape her with a spike on its head and would have succeeded if it hadn’t of stopped to watch Femto being born. During these moments we see her sanity get destroyed and she retreats into herself. During later chapters when two characters get a first hand look at the horrors Casca endured during the Eclipse they are scared out of their wits.

WHY NORTON DIDN’T TESTIFY Roll Call’s Emma Dumain captures Rep. Franks said that the minority is typically allowed to invite only one witness to the majority’s three witnesses, and that Nadler had an opportunity to chose Norton to be that witness but he didn’t. He also invited Norton to join other Members at the dais, although she would not be permitted to ask questions of the witnesses as she is not a member of the Judiciary Committee. John Barrow, a Georgia Democrat who chairs the Blue Dog Coalition http://shakthicreations.com/way-back-when-women-chose-handbags-made-with-beads-and-jewels/, argues redistricting is the source of the disappearing center in a Washington Post op ed: “Forty years ago, when I was an intern on the Hill, about half of congressional districts were genuinely competitive. Today, only about 10 percent of House races on Cook Political Report are listed as ‘toss ups’ or ‘lean’ to one party. Put another way, just over 10 percent of the American people’s representatives in the House are rewarded for practicing the politics of cooperation, while almost 90 percent are rewarded for practicing the politics of confrontation.” Unmentioned in the piece: Barrow himself is facing forced retirement after Georgia Republicans redrew his seat to pack it with conservative votes, forcing him to move from Savannah to Augusta. poll of 500 likely voters statewide found 51 percent would choose [Republican Rep. Rick] Berg over Democrat Heidi Heitkamp if the general election were held at the time of the survey, conducted May 3 to May 8 by Essman/Research of Des Moines, Iowa. Heitkamp received 44 percent of likely voters’ support, while 5 percent were still undecided.” Berg and Heitkamp are running to fill the seat of Sen. Kent Conrad, who is retiring at the end of the year. The former senator had left Washington when the 2008 bailout came up for a vote, but the conservative 501(C)(4)’s new ad says he supported the unpopular measure and sat on the board of a company that applied for some of the money it made available. “Kerrey’s company tried a bureaucratic ploy to get bailout funds, but the ploy failed,” a narrator says. “These schemes were called a disturbing trend by an independent watchdog, violating the spirit of the law to jump on the gravy train.” The $260,000 statewide broadcast and cable buy will get the ad up in Omaha, Lincoln, Scottsbluff, North Platte, Denver and Sioux City.

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