” Gilchrist’s testimony was particularly devastating because

Macy’s time as DA coincided almost directly with the career of disgraced Oklahoma City forensic expert witness Joyce Gilchrist. In fact, Macy used Gilchrist’s testimony in nearly half of his death penalty convictions. Gilchrist’s knack for matching forensic evidence to the prosecutors’ preferred suspect earned her the nickname “Black Magic.” Gilchrist’s testimony was particularly devastating because Oklahoma judges generally did not grant indigent defendants the funds to hire their own forensic specialists to review her work. Despite her diminishing reputation in the forensics community, Macy’s office continued to use her. Macy retired in 2000. In 2001, DNA testing exonerated Jeffrey Todd Pierce for a rape he had been convicted of committing in 1986. Gilchrist’s testimony was the main evidence against him. She was fired the following year, and Oklahoma began reviewing over 1,500 cases in which she had testified.

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