At a July 2004 robbery in Orange

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junk jewelry “It can’t be standard procedure when you have that kind of value. This is an extraordinary amount of value to have in one place from one company,” said John Kennedy, president of the New York based Jewelers Security Alliance. In the United States “those shows are limited to the trade. junk jewelry

junk jewelry Police said the robber also carried a miscellaneous item in one hand; in Enfield, it was a GQ magazine, and in Manchester, it was a doll wrapped in a blanket.Police said the suspect’s procedure was almost identical in all of the linked robberies.After a short conversation about jewelry with an employee, he would pull out and load a black semi automatic gun, police said. At a July 2004 robbery in Orange, the robber ejected a round from his gun, police said.He would then usher all employees and customers to the back of the store, turn off the lights and demand that employees fill his plastic garbage bag with any loose diamonds and diamond or gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches, according to the warrant.Once his bag was filled, police said, the robber would take his victims into the bathroom and handcuff them using the same two brands of cuffs every time to a handicapped access railing. He would then snatch up any surveillance tapes and speed off in a green BMW occupied by another man, the warrant said.The robbery at Gem Jewelry in Enfield was captured by a camera that transmits surveillance by signal to a remote location in East Hartford, where police later picked it up.FBI agents told Enfield police shortly after the robbery that the suspect’s description matched others from robberies across the state junk jewelry.