“In one episode, Keroro tries to get rich by making his own

This is where the Badass Crew is taken to the next logical step and turned into an entire army. (In fact, SNES games using B for jump and Y for attack is likely the reason it is that way in Dawn and all DS Castlevanias, ironically an attempt at averting this trope.) The game lets you change out the controls.

Actually Pretty Funny: After Nelson rebukes Sterling over his amusement at the mobile phone guy below, Von approaches and mutters, “It’s a little bit funny.” Going by his expression, Nelson agrees. Canceled after one season. “I don’t speak Japanese, but that either says something about Tamama or it’s directions to Replica Stella McCartney bags an Outback Steakhouse in Yonkers.”In one episode, Keroro tries to get rich by making his own version of popular movies by slightly altering the title.

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Defictionalization: This happens In Universe Replica Valentino Handbags to the town of Hobb’s End And possibly to Linda Styles (for a while, anyway) and Trent too. That’s pretty impressive for someone who isn’t a physics or engineering major and has no interest in science at all.