So, later when Rukia was branded a criminal to be executed for

Comic Trio: Max, PJ, and Bobby act as this during the production of the “Stand Out” stunt. Max, who came up with the stunt plan, is the schemer; Bobby, whose technological expertise was required for the stunt, is the follower; and PJ, who was the only one willing (or able) to voice that the plan might be a bad idea, is the powerless.

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Hermes Replica Handbags This is the reason Byakuya has become a Knight Templar by the start of Bleach. As a noble, he is expected to embody the rules and traditions of Soul Society, but he broke these rules twice; once to marry a commoner he’d fallen in love with and, when she died, he swore on her deathbed he’d find, adopt, and protect her little sister (Rukia), breaking the law a second time. He swore that this would be the absolute last time, and that he’d obey the laws no matter what from here on. So, later when Rukia was branded a criminal to be executed for her crimes, he obeyed the law, captured her, and prevented her friends from rescuing her. After being defeated by Ichigo, however, Ichigo convinces him that there’s nothing wrong with breaking an unjust law, as shown in the page quote of To Be Lawful or Good. Byakuya has also since learned to abuse loopholes when subverting orders that he personally disapproves of but which aren’t actually unjust; sometimes it’s possible to not personally break any rules but at the same time facilitate someone else breaking them. Especially when his superiors didn’t think to specifically forbid him from doing this. Hermes Replica Handbags

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