Death from Above: In the queue

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replica goyard handbags Shout Out: There’s multiple references to the building’s previous tenant, Kongfrontation, featuring the famed ape first in the form of a hieroglyphic on a wall in the queue line and later as a golden statue in the treasure room. Silence, You Fool!: Imhotep says this to Reggie as he sucks out his soul. Slime Ball: Brendan Fraser generally acts rude and arrogant towards the crew, Reggie in particular. Just when Imhotep states that he’s about to steal the guests’ souls, the eclipse ends, a bright flash of light occurs, and then the vehicle pulls back into the station. And I Must Scream: Anyone that falls under Imhotep’s curse will experience “Eternal suffering”. Big “NO!”: In the ending, Imhotep screams this with the end of the eclipse. Devoured by the Horde: A man that desperately attempts to inform the guests of the curse ends up getting eaten alive by a swarm of scarab beetles. Jump Scare: There’s one with the mummy statues at the ride’s exit. Hint: One of them isn’t actually a statue. Death from Above: In the queue, a cloaked female figure warns that Imhotep will make the skies rain with fire. The Plague: It is promised that Imhotep will bring about a huge pestilence on all of Egypt. Rivers of Blood: The cloaked figure also assures that the rivers will run with blood upon Imhotep’s return. Say My Name: The queue video primarily consists of numerous spirits saying “Imhotep” repeatedly. statue in the treasure room, but this was later removed for unknown reasons. Contrived Coincidence: The riders find the book in the exact room where Imhotep is about to plunge them into a pit. Glowing Eyes of Doom: At the end of the ride, the eyes of Imhotep’s sarcophagus glow red, further implying that he has not been completely vanquished. MacGuffin: The Book of the Living is the object the guests need to find in order to trap Imhotep again. replica goyard handbags

Wholesale Replica Bags This is likely Skroeder’s mistake, as “Huey” is a specific model of helicopter, not the catch all term for helicopters Skroeder seems to think it is. Everyone Knows Morse: Subverted in the sequel; when Ben and Fred are locked in a freezer and rig a calculator to send a message to Sandy’s answering machine, they discover that neither of them know Morse code. Instead, they send directions to their location using the tunes of popular songs. Everything Is Online: Johnny Five can access any electronics remotely with a transmitter in his head. He can also control cars, cranes and other things that (at the time the films were made) didn’t even have any electronics controlling them. Evil Old Folks: Oscar Baldwin. Exact Time to Failure: Johnny Five’s battery. Expies: Newton Crosby and Skroeder, respectively played by Steve Guttenberg and G. W. Bailey, of Mahoney and Harris from Police Academy. Explain, Explain. Oh, Crap!: Number 5 makes the connection between a dead grasshopper and NOVA’s intent to dismantle him:Five: Error: grasshopper disassemble. re assemble Wholesale Replica Bags.