Loving a Shadow: What Luna may be feeling for Twilight Sparkle

Later attempts to content rate other media in the United States used the by now obvious shortcomings of the MPAA system as an object lesson. TV rating system having both a TV Y rating and a TV G rating: TV Y is “specifically for kids”, and TV G means “nothing offensive.” Similarly, the ESRB ratings for video games, needing to account for both content and playability, have both the “E for Everyone” rating and others for younger age groups (some lower end E10 games suffer as well, albeit to a lesser extent). Even though the video game industry is no stranger to edginess for marketing’s sake, this trope is probably least common in video games. That said, “E for Everyone” changed from its original name, “K A for Kids to Adults”, specifically because games sold better among older gamers when the rating didn’t have “kid” in it.

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Replica Valentino bags The Lost Lenore: Dusk Skyshine, the husband of her earlier incarnation as Moondreamer. Dusk was Luna’s One True Love. Now reincarnated as Twilight Sparkle, who knows nothing of all this. Loving a Shadow: What Luna may be feeling for Twilight Sparkle, loving her as the reincarnation of Dusk Skyshine, rather than the pony she truly is now. Replica Valentino bags

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