Despite knowing nothing about the terrorists or their plans

A very dark Properly Paranoid version occurs in Irredeemable, where the Paradigm’s resident Badass Normal, the Hornet, figured out that the Plutionian is spying on his teammates when Plutonian refers to Hornet’s wife by name (which he’d never revealed). On top of that, even though the Hornet truly did consider the Plutonian to be his best friend, he also had a feeling there was a darker side to his friend and moreover, he knew that even if Plutonian really was the paragon of goodness everyone thought he was, there was no way a single person could carry the weight of the world on their shoulders without eventually breaking, and thus looked for some way to stop him in case that happened. His chance comes when Earth is invaded by an alien race called the Vespa. The Hornet offers them teleportation technology (incredibly rare in this universe) and the coordinates of peaceful and defenseless planets his team had encountered, on the condition that the Vespa won’t attack Earth, and will return to fight the Plutonian if the Hornet asks them to (using a Deadman Switch failsafe so that if the Hornet doesn’t signal them every month, they know it’s time to come fight the Plutonian). The Hornet admits that he hated having to make such a deal, but the plan works, with the Plutonian captured and imprisoned by the Vespa. Temporarily at least.

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