Happily Married: Irma Geddon and her psychic husband Ron

The Battlestar: The larger Zerg Living Ships, like the Hive Ship. Beware My Stinger Tail: Zerg Patriarchs have the beam firing type. Big Damn Heroes: In the final battle of arc 2. Galadriel. She fought in defence of her Telerin kin against the House of F during the Kinslaying at Alqualond and was the “only female to stand tall in those days”. Tolkien also described her as a match for any of the greatest athletes of the Eldar. Likewise one throway line later in the film, where one bad guy says that the underworld finds Batman scary but Joker terrifying owes more to Azzarello’s comic, Joker than the Moore original. It also shows Joker as sexually active and committing rape, with this film establishing him as frequenting call girls (also a choice line left certain viewers with the impression he may have committed rape on Barbara in the film itself), whereas Joker in the comics, even with Harley Quinn at his side, has largely been interpreted as being completely uninterested in sex to the point of being asexual. Darker and Edgier: It is the first “R” rated movie in the line.

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